Sunday, 14 June 2009

An Easy Affiliate Marketing Example to Make Money

Executive summary By: Dan Ho

Believe it or not, I'm going to illustrate an affiliate marketing example that you can use yourself to make easy money.

You see, most of the Internet marketing gurus out there like to overcomplicate things. For example, they'll use an affiliate marketing example of a landing page to which they are driving PPC (pay-per-click) traffic.

On those landing pages they are using PPC to direct traffic to, or the 15 JV partners pushing their product to tens of thousands of people?

The secret problem I have with many gurus is that even if they know a lot of valuable things, it's beyond the scope of normal people or affiliates. A lot of people want to make money fast and don't have the time to learn all of these technical things.
Now having said that, let's talk about a real affiliate marketing example so I can show you how uncomplicated it can really be to make money online.

Here's the model. Niche/Market -> Web site with Content -> Targeted Traffic -> Affiliate program - > Sales.

If you can follow these simple steps, you can start making money as an affiliate. Notice you are reading this article because you typed something in the search engines. You wanted an affiliate marketing example or strategy. You will notice I am in the niche/market of teaching newbie affiliate marketers how to make money. Then you will notice I train people to make sales for companies with good affiliate programs.



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